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Overview of the Task-Groups of the R3TF

Task-Groups are formed for specific tasks and actions of the R3TF. The Task-Groups consists of a group of experts and participants that are responsible for specific tasks and activities of the R3TF. This list shows a dynamic overview of the current operating Task-Groups.

Several Task-Groups play a core role in the R3TF, other Task-Groups can be created for small projects or tasks.

Task-Group: Standards

Task-Group leader: Gunnar Hellström

This Task-Group is one of the core Task-Groups of the R3TF, it is involved with the current and future standardisation of real-time text and Total Conversation. The R3TF works via this Task-Group close together with standard organisations like the IETF, ITU, ETSI and 3GPP. 

Gunnar Helstrom is the main author of several IETF documents, including RFC 4103. 

Task-Group: Interoperability

Task-Group leader: Barry Dingle

This Task-Group is also one of the core Task-Groups of the R3TF. In order to avoid fragmentation caused by incompatible real-time text protocols, this Task-Group works on promoting, enabling and testing the  interoperability of Real-Time Text implementations to the greatest extent feasible on many different networks. The Real-Time Text on such networks must be reliable and able to interconnect with the RFC4103  based solution.

Current working document: ToIP-Testing-Functional-Requirements (MS-word .doc version-03)

Task-Group: Jabber/XMPP

Task-Group leader: Mark Rejhon

This task-group leads a long-term standardization effort to add real-time text to instant messaging (IM) software. This groups works on XMPP Extension Protocol XEP-0301: In-Band Real-Time Text, an open standard for Jabber and XMPP compatible networks. XMPP is a protocol widely used by Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Cisco and many other companies, and this make widespread real-time text possible.

Mark Rejhon's related projects include RealJabber open-source instant messaging client with real-time text. He also leads the development of a 'Fast Text' name and symbol to improve marketing of real-time text to the mainstream.