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RTT in EIA/TIA standards

EIA/TIA Accessibility specific Documents

Standard Full name of standard Explanation Type Status
TIA/EIA 825a A Frequency Shift Keyed Modem for use on the Public Switched Telephone Network The standard for TTY signals, which permitted mainstream industry to design for compatibility with TTY as technologies moved to digital. Modem transport Approved
TIA 1001 Standards for text over IP (TIA 1001) transit gateway U.S. effort to develop standard methods for carrying Baudot over IP networks, using voice band data and gateway approaches. Gateway Approved
TIA- 504-A Telecommunications-Telephone Terminal Equipment-Magnetic Field and Acoustic Gain Requirements for Headset Telephones Intended for Use by the Hard of Hearing   Requirement Approved
ANSI/TIA-968-A Telecommunications - Telephone Terminal Equipment - Technical Requirements for Connection of Terminal Equipment to the Telephone Network   Requirement Approved
TR 45


2.5 mm Audio Interface For Mobile Wireless Handsets - Text Telephones (TTY) Connector standard for wireless telephones and TTYs Physical Approved

ANSI C.63.19

American National Standard for Methods of Measurement of Compatibility between Wireless Communication Devices and Hearing Aids Measurements of wireless telephone emissions and hearing aid immunity, with predicted performance based on measures. (Now in use in an FCC order) Interference Approved
TIA IS-823 TTY/TDD Extension to TIA/EIA 136-410 Enhanced Full Rate Speech Codec    Transport Approved
TIA -IS-840 Minimum Performance Standards for Text Telephone Signal Detector and Text Telephone Signal Regenerator   Requirements Approved
TIA TSB-121 2.5 mm Audio Interface For Mobile Wireless Handsets - Text Telephones (TTY)   Physical Approved

EIA/TIA General documents with accessibility interest

Standard Full Name of Standard Explanation Type Status
TIA IS-127-2 Enhanced Variable Rate Codec, Speech Service Option 3 for Wideband Spread Spectrum Digital Systems - Addendum 2   Speech codec Approved
TIA IS-707-A-2 Data Services Options for Spread Spectrum Systems - Radio Link Protocol Type 3 - Addendum No. 2     Approved
TIA IS-733-1 High Rate Speech Service Option 17 for Wideband Spread Spectrum Communications Systems     Approved
TIA IS-789A Electrical Specification for the Portable Phone to Vehicle Interface   Physical Approved
TIA/EIA-688 DTE/DCE Interface For Digital Cellular Equipment   Physical Approved
T1.209-2003 American National Standard for Operations Administration and Maintenance and Provisioning (OAM&) - Network Tones and Announcements Provides and industry standard way for network routing messages to be conveyed in TTY in addition to voice.   Approved