Status Upgraded for Real-Time Text over Jabber/XMPP

XEP-0301, an open real-time text standard, has now been upgraded on October 8th, 2013 by the XMPP Standards Foundation to be ready for production software.

Website redesigned , the website of the R3TF, has been redesigned. The new design allows more easily for contributors to add content to the website.

The website has also been moved to another hosting company. We are very grateful to our sponsor Trace R&D Center, which has generously donated the costs of hosting the website.


Real-Time Text over Jabber/XMPP

XMPP In-Band Real-Time Text is an XMPP extension authored by Mark D. Rejhon in cooperation with the people of the Real-Time Text Taskforce (R3TF). This extension makes it possible to send and receive Real-Time Text over existing XMPP/Jabber networks.

R3TF in the Hindu

The Hindu, an English language Indian daily with news, views, sports and entertainment coverage has published an article about the R3TF and Real-Time Text. The focus is RTT on mobile devices.

The R3TF is now officially a charity (ANBI in the Netherlands)

We are happy to announce that the R3TF is registered by the Dutch tax authorities as an Entity with General Benefit Objectives (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI).

Since 1-1-2008 gifts that are donated to Charities with an ANBI status are deductable from tax incomes. The letters ANBI stand for the Dutch phrase 'Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling' (a foundation which operates solely for the common interest).

Gonzalo Camarillo joins R3TF Foundation Board

We are very happy to announce that Gonzalo Camarillo, one of the most visible SIP experts and currently director of the RAI (Real-time Applications and Infrastructures) area at the IETF has joined the R3TF Foundation Board. He has always been a great supporter of Real-Time Text and Total Conversation and has helped many times to navigate the standards track.

Press release: "New Organization Promotes New Internet Text Streaming Technology"

ISOC and the R3TF have issued a joint press release about the R3TF being the "New Organization Promotes New Internet Text Streaming Technology".

The R3TF becomes a Dutch non-profit Foundation

The R3TF has been incubated by ISOC where ISOC provided coordination assistance, technical expertise, and implementation support with the goal to develop the R3TF into an independent organisation.

The project R3TF was very successful and garnered a great deal of interest and commitment on the part of the participants. In late 2009, the individuals involved in the R3TF decided that it was ready to stand alone as its own organisation and in October 2009 the R3TF was incorporated as a non-profit foundation in the Netherlands


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